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Youth Employment Initiative

What we offer

Young people registered on the Birmingham and Solihull Youth Promise Plus (YPP) project are eligible for:

  • Unlimited One Day tickets for interviews and training
  • 1 week and 4 week travel passes for training
  • 4 week travel pass for a new job
  • Top-up tickets
  • Journey planning support

For further information about the service, please visit Youth Promise Plus website

Eligibility Criteria

To benefit from the travel support, the YPP participant must:

  • Be registered through a Youth Promise Plus Referral Partner in Birmingham or Solihull.
  • Have a valid YEI ‘A’ number.
  • Provide a recent digital photograph for travel passes.
  • Sign to agree to the Terms and Conditions and are happy for the Referral Partner to apply for a travel ticket(s) on their behalf. Failure to do so will prevent the Customer from receiving travel support from the WMCA.
One Day tickets

One day travel tickets are available to all registered participants with a YEI number with an ‘A’ at the end. Providers will have a stock of One Day Network tickets to be issued to eligible participants, not covered by any other tickets provided and must get each young person to read the T&Cs and sign the Declaration at the back.  Keep these as they will be collected on a monthly basis.

  The tickets can be used for any of the following reasons:

  1. Job interviews
  2. Internship interviews
  3. Interviews for education placements
  4. Traineeship interviews
  5. Apprenticeship interviews
  6. Initial meetings with potential employers
  7. Assessment days
  8. Work experience days
  9. Follow up interviews
  10. Pre-employment training
  11. If a monthly pass is delayed
  12. 1 day training
  13. Attendance at recruitment events
  14. Travel to Intervention Worker appointment
  15. Applied for a pass

The ticket covers the whole of the Network West Midlands travel area and allows YPP participants to travel on buses, trains and the Metro for the whole day.  

Unfortunately the tickets cannot be used to support someone:

  • Attending the first meeting with a Provider
  • Attending a meeting to sign on at the Job Centre
  • Attending an appointment not directly linked to education, employment or training
  • Who doesn’t have a YEI number with an ‘A’ at the end
Travel Passes

We offer each eligible young person up to 4 weeks’ worth of travel support for any training opportunity and then a further 4 weeks’ travel support for any employment opportunity.  The ticket provided will be relevant to the young persons’ needs so will either be an nBus or nNetwork ticket.

Providers need to apply on behalf of the young person so you will need to ensure you have the following:

  • Signed Declaration from the young person – keep these as we will come and collect them
  • YEI number with an ‘A’ at the end
  • Digital passport style photograph of the young person (under 5MB)
  • Confirmation of training/employment opportunity
  • Home and destination address
  • Start Date
  • Date Of Birth

The young person should be with you when you apply on their behalf. Applications submitted before midday will be processed that day. 

Top-up Tickets

If you have a young person with a particular hardship case then you can apply for them to have a Top-up ticket (a further 1 or 4 week travel pass) which will be issued at our discretion. Contact us using the form at the bottom of the page to request.

Advice and Guidance

We appreciate travel can be difficult so we have developed our own journey planning workshop to deliver to young people. This can link with the AQA Unit Award, or other schemes, if required, but can be standalone. We can also train Provider staff so they can deliver the workshop. We also offer 1-1 journey planning support to ensure the young person knows their route.

Contact Us

If you’d like some more information submit your request below. 

This project is funded by the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.

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Youth Promise Plus is a Birmingham and Solihull Employment Pathway Project supported by the European Social Fund and Youth Employment Initiative.