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Top safety tips for winter cycling

1. Wear high vis upper body clothing 

To help drivers see you, go for a reflective/high vis garment that can be seen clearly from front and back. Why not try something that can go over your coat or rucksack like a sash, high vis vest or a backpack cover?

2. Make your bike and helmet glow
The more creative the better. Reflective and glow in the dark stickers are available on from many bike shops in the region and can be put on wheel rims, helmets and even attach to children's seats. 

Take it up a notch with multi-coloured LED wheel lights - you certainly won't be missed!

3. Keep a look out for pedestrians
Heads down, hoods up, earphones in. Pay extra attention when you are riding on shared paths or at crossings. With music playing, they might not see or hear you coming.

4. Stick to well-lit roads
Canals are great for summer cycling  but when darkness falls it's hard to see and be seen without street lights.

5. Bike lights
It is a legal requirement to have a white front and red rear light and reflectors on your bike and orange reflectors on your pedals. Lights should go on at dusk, and can be useful during the day too when it is dull.

6. Decide between bar and bike
If you know that you will be having a few drinks on a night out, leave your bike at home or lock it securely at work, cycle hub or station, ready for pick up the next day.


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