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Lots of organisations are working together to improve the way we travel in and around the West Midlands. Bus routes are being improved, West Midlands Metro is being extended, new trains have been ordered, Hs2 is just around the corner and we are seeing major investment in our roads.

Roads and public transport will be busier than normal while these essential works take place. You’ll still be able to get to where you need to go, but you’ll need to plan ahead and check your journey before you travel. There will also be lots of extra visitors to our region as we get ready for the Coventry City of Culture and the Commonwealth Games, so in some cases you may need to re-think your route or change the time you travel.

Public transport is the best way to get around and we can help you plan your journey.

How you can help:

Could you change the time of your journey?

Avoid travelling during peak times wherever possible. Plan ahead, check timetables or apps and leave more time for your journey as services will be busier.

Could you car share with a friend or colleague?

Car sharing for just two journeys a week could help to keep traffic at ‘school holiday’ levels all year round. It’ll save you money, reduce congestion and some companies even offer priority parking to staff when they share their journeys.

Could you leave the car at home?

Stick to public transport to reduce congestion on key roads across the region. The bus, train or Metro might be a good alternative for your journey depending on where you need to go and at what time. And for shorter trips walking or cycling could be the fastest route to your destination.

Could you use a different route?

If you do have to use the car, check your route before you leave. Google Maps or a Sat-Nav with live traffic updates will help you pick the least congested route each time.

Could you speak to your employer?

If you’re commuting for work, speak to your employer about whether there is the option of working from home. This will help to reduce the number of journeys being made each day.


All of this work is essential to build a healthier, happier and better-connected region and we really appreciate your help in keeping things moving.

Congestion Advice

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Driving Tips

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Reducing Short Trips

Short car journeys account for 41% of traffic across the region. These journeys could mostly be made on foot or by cycling.

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Car Sharing

Travel with friends or colleagues and save £s   


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When Ice and Snow are forecast gritters will be out across the regions main roads. 

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Plan your journey

Plan your journey





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