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As a parent you want your child to arrive at school safely and on time, but taking the car isn't always the best option.

Congestion at school gates is a common problem which causes potential danger for pedestrians too. By encouraging your child to travel sustainably, you can help them to live an active and independent life as well as helping the environment.

Ticket options

We have a wide range of ticket options, with cheaper fares available for children and students.

As young people get older, we can help them prove their eligibility with a Photocard.

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Planning a journey

Helping your child plan their journey will teach them valuable skills and give them the confidence to travel independently. There are lots of ways for young people to find the services, timetables or fare information they need before they travel.

Plan a journey using the Quick Journey Planner on the right.

Staying safe

Often the journey to secondary school will be the first time a child travels on their own.

As well as knowing where to go and what time to leave, it's important your child knows how to keep themselves safe.

A few precautions can help to ensure their journey is safe and comfortable.

Here are some top tips to share with your child to help them stay safe

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Keep keys separate from anything with your address on
  • Keep bags closed at all times
  • Switch your mobile from ring to vibrate in public places and use it discreetly
  • Always wait in busy and well-lit places
  • If possible avoid sitting upstairs on buses and sit near the driver
  • On trains, sit in a busy carriage and close to the train colleagues. There are emergency alarms on board – don't be afraid to use them in an emergency. They are there for your safety

If you see any nuisance or anti-social behaviour during your bus, train or tram journey, say something. 

Text "Bus", "Metro" or "Rail", leave a space and tell us the details with time, date, location and route number to 83010.

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