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If you are unable to collect your renewal or top-up because a Swift Collector is not working, the fastest way to top-up may be to try an alternative top-up option.

Please note, Swift Support is unable to manually send your ticket or credit to your card. You will need to try one of the following top-up methods.

  • Swift Collector app
    The quickest way to collect for android phone users. Just download from the google play store to use your phone as a collector

  • Swift Collectors
    Find another Swift Collector by entering your postcode into our interactive map.

  • Travel Centre
    Collect from one of our Travel Centres

We would be grateful if you could also report the broken Collector to Swift Support, so we can send a technician out to resolve the issue. Please include the location of the Collector in your email. 

If your Swift card is not working on card readers but has credit or a valid season ticket loaded, please contact Swift Support who will be able to reissue you a card. 

If you have had to purchase additional travel tickets due to your Swift card not working, you may be able to claim compensation if you have a valid receipt. Please note, that we will check our systems to validate your claim.

Payzone rejecting to top-up your Swift card
Please be aware that not all Payzone outlets are able to top-up Swift cards or issue season tickets. To find an outlet near you, visit the store locator, enter your postcode, select 'Transport & Ticketing' and finally 'Swift West Midlands' from the drop down menu. 

Payzone not accepting debit/credit card payment
Some Payzone outlets will accept cash only for Swift card top-ups and season ticket purchases. Check before you visit by contacting the store directly.

Payzone charging for card payment
Payzone outlets are should not charge an additional fee for card payments. If you experience this issue please contact Swift Support with the shop name, location and time of your visit. 

Payzone not accepting old style blue Swift card
All Payzones that retail Swift are able to accept both the new purple and old blue cards. 

If you are still having problems with a Payzone outlet and would like to report it, please contact Swift Support.