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Swift on Mobile

super-easy, super-fast, metro tickets direct to your phone.
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Use on: Tram icon
  • purchase your metro ticket direct to your Android phone
  • no photo required
  • pay with Google Pay or debit/credit card
  • save to Google Pay

Swift on Mobile is a free pilot app that brings metro tickets direct to your Android phone

Save money on your metro travel

Users will be able to purchase metro tickets from the app and save them to their Google Pay

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The Swift on Mobile app brings metro tickets direct to your phone. Simply select, pay and activate your ticket to Google Pay.

Once you have activated your ticket, there is no need to open up either the Swift on Mobile app or Google Pay. You will just need to wake up your phone when you’re ready to go, like a Swift card, just hold on the conductor’s reader till you hear the beep. 

App features include:

  • Purchase 1 day, 1 week and 4 week metro tickets

  • Pay with a credit/debit card or Google Pay

  • View purchase history

  • Link with your online Swift account

You will need to be able to access your ticket each time you travel throughout the whole of your journey. Meaning, if your phone has no battery and you are unable to present your ticket, you will need to pay the fare for your journey. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund you in this instance.


Adult 1 day, 1 week and 4 week metro tickets are available to purchase on Swift on Mobile. The day price is discounted compared to cash prices. 

1 day - £5.40 (10p cheaper than cash fares) 

1 day Off Peak* - £3.90 (10p cheaper than cash fares) 

1 week - £21

4 week - £70


* Valid after 9:30am Monday - Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 

If you have experienced problems when using the Swift on Mobile, please check the following:

  • Check that your phone has NFC switched on 

  • Check that you are running the latest version of Google Pay. (You can do this by opening Google Pay > About > Update)

  • Try unlocking your phone when presented to the reader

  • Try removing any phone cases

  • Try hovering the phone over the reader opposed to holding into onto the machine.

If you are still having problems, please contact Swift Support.

Open the Swift on Mobile app

Click 'history'

You be able to view active and expired tickets

Contact Swift support on 0345 303 6760 and if your ticket is still valid for 7 days or longer we may be able to offer you a refund. 

Please note that we will calculate your refund from the day in which you report your phone as lost, broken or stolen. We are unable to transfer your ticket to another phone.

Open Google Pay to view all your active tickets which are stored under passes. Or you can view them on the 'history' tab within the Swift on Mobile app.

Tickets must have been valid for a minimum of 28 days with at least 7 days validity remaining. 90% of the outstanding validity of the ticket will be refunded, calculated from the date West Midlands Combined Authority is notified or the day after the last use of the Product, whichever is later, less a £5.50 administration charge.  

Season tickets are sold at a discounted rate. 90%, of the outstanding value of the ticket, takes into account the discounted travel you have benefited from by holding a season ticket instead of buying day or week tickets.

This means the refund will not be the exact remaining value of your pass.  Your 
Swift ticket will be blocked and will no longer be valid for travel.

To request a refund call Swift Support on 0345 075 6006

First, check that the ticket is showing up in your transaction history within the Swift on Mobile app. If it is, click 'Open' to activate the ticket to Google Pay.

If you cannot see your purchase then the transaction may have failed, meaning payment should not have been taken. You should try again to purchase your ticket to travel.

If you believe payment has been taken, please contact Swift Support on 0345 303 6760

You must ensure that you have sufficient battery charge on your phone for the whole duration of your travel. Phones that do not read due to insufficient charge will not be accepted for travel and you will be required to pay for the journey regardless of any available ticket in your Google Pay

In order for the Swift on Mobile app to work correctly

  • You must be on an Android device that is Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled

  • Swift on Mobile is available on all non-rooted devices running Android Lollipop (5.0) and above

Currently, Swift on Mobile is only available on Android devices, but we are working on other solutions. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out below.

ITSO is the clever technology that helps us deliver secure ticketing onto Swift smartcards. ITSO has also gone digital, this means that they are able to bring the same level of security of your tickets to your mobile phone. ITSO will deliver your purchased Swift ticket into Google Pay.

For more information visit ITSO