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Swift Taxi

taxi payment is changing 

Wolverhampton Pilot

ABC Cars Wolverhampton is piloting a new way to pay. As well as cash and card, you can now use your Swift PAYG credit to pay for taxi journeys. 

This is part of an exciting program of pilots being carried out by the Swift team. 

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*** Please note, that Swift PAYG for taxis is still in pilot phase ***

Getting started

  • Order your Swift PAYG card online, at Travel Centre, the Wolverhampton Kiosk or your local Payzone Agent.

  • Once you have your card, order your ABC Cars Taxi as normal; either through their app or by calling 01902 333333

  • Make the driver aware that you would like to pay using Swift PAYG 

  • At the end of your journey the taxi driver will enter the fare into his app and show this to you

  • The driver will take your Swift PAYG card and hold it onto his phone to deduct the fare from your credit

How to view history

You can view your Swift Taxi history, along with any bus or tram transactions by logging into your Swift account

How can I be sure that the correct amount is deducted from the card?

The driver will show you the amount on the screen of his phone, check this amount is correct before passing the driver your card. The amount deducted will also remain on the screen for 10 seconds after the transaction. Ask to see this confirmation screen.

My card has been lost or stolen

To replace a lost or stolen Swift card you will need to call Swift Support on 0345 075 6006

Replacement cards cost £7.50, or are free if you have a crime reference number. 

Expect to receive your replacement card within 3 working days.

More information

The Taxi Driver says that I don't have 'sufficient credit'

Should you not have sufficient credit on your card at the time of payment the Taxi Driver will be alerted when they hold your card to their phone. You will either have to add credit to your card by logging into your Swift account and using Click and Collect; or, pay by an alternative method.

The Taxi Driver says that my card is 'blocked'

Your card may be blocked because it has been reported lost or stolen. At the time of payment, the Taxi Driver will be alerted when they hold your card to their phone. In this situation, you will need to pay with an alternative method. If you are sure that your card should be working, please contact Swift Support on 0345 075 6006.