Ticket replacement scheme

Child term ticket replacements made easy

The cheapest and easiest way to protect your child term ticket against loss, theft or damage.

Saving you money

PassProtect is a ticket replacement scheme. It costs £10 a term and if your child term ticket and PassProtect are lost, stolen or damaged, your first replacement ticket is free. Additional replacements cost £5 each. Without PassProtect you’re only allowed one replacement per term and it costs £15 plus an extra £5 if you need a replacement 16-18 Photocard. PassProtect makes sense!

Saving you time

  1. Your ticket gets lost, stolen or damaged
  2. You make one phone call to the PassProtect team – 0345 303 6760
  3. Wait for your replacement ticket to be sent by first class post

You will need to purchase tickets while you wait for your replacement.

Without PassProtect you can only apply for replacements by post and you may have to send a photograph and tickets will have to be purchased.

For more information on how to apply

Download PassProtect application form

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