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West Midlands by car

We’re not here just to help you catch the bus, train and tram.

We also support organisations to deliver a more efficient and reliable road network for car drivers too.

We recognise some people, need to, or prefer to, drive, and we want to be the same source of reliable information we are for bus train and tram as for car journeys you make. Lots of investment is coming to the regions transport network between now and 2026 which means you will need to plan ahead to avoid roadworks and in some cases your journey by car might be delayed or disrupted, more than once.   

However we do have some great ideas to help you keep moving. We promise to provide you with the very latest information on roadworks taking place in the region and suggest alternative routes and options. We’ll also give you ideas on how you can make small changes to improve your daily commute.

And we want to share with you some of the exciting work going on behind the scenes to improve our regions roads including future technologies and autonomous vehicles.

Key Route Network

The Key Route Network (KRN) covers the regions roads that are used the most.

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Electric Cars

With more charging points across our cities, is it time you went electric?

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Park and Ride

Park and Ride sites across the transport network provide thousands of car or bicycle parking spaces to enable an easy transition towards the next part of your journey.

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Local Roadworks

You can view all the live and planned traffic disruptions  that may affect your journey around the West Midlands.

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Major Roadworks and Events

Find out about future works and events that could affect your journey and provide advice to help you plan a way around them. 

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Driving in the West Midlands

Lots of organisations are working together to improve the way we travel around the West Midlands.

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Clean Air Zone

Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air. Pollution in the air, mainly caused by vehicles on the roads, is having a harmful effect on the health of people in the city.

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Autonomous Vehicles

This technology will help manage the way vehicles, including public transport, use our roads in the future so that journeys are more efficient and reliable.

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