Electric Cars

Greener and cleaner

The West Midlands is fast becoming an electric region with more charging points being installed than ever before, thanks to projects such as Plugged-in Midlands.

Thinking of going electric?

Join the electric revolution and do your part in improving the air quality in your region while spending less on filling up. Electric car benefits include:

  • Zero tail pipe emissions
  • Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax)
  • Extremely quiet
  • Cheap to run (as low as 2p per mile depending on your charging tariff)

There are number of government funded projects and incentives to encourage more people to take up electric cars and vans. For more information visit The Office for Low Emission Vehicles

Register to charge

All of our points are current part of the Polar Network. You can to subscribe here to become a member of this privately operated charge point network of around 5000 points nationwide. 

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Where to charge

Publicly accessible charging points are available at rail stations and community car parks across the West Midlands.

Rail stations

Rowley Regis 
Tile Hill
Yardley Wood


Visit Polar Network for a full list of West Midland's community charging points.

How to charge

Before driving out to charge up, remember to check the status of your preferred charging point.

View live charge point status on the Polar Network Live Map

To start the charge:

  1. If the Charge Point has an available socket, begin by plugging your charge cable into your vehicle*
  2. Show the RFID membership card to the RFID reader on the front of the post
  3. The post will then offer an available socket
  4. Lift the door and plug in the vehicle
  5. The charging will start automatically. Notice the LEDs on the post will turn blue (indicating charging)

To finish the charge:

  1. Show the same RFID membership card to the post that started the charge
  2. Lift the door and remove the plug
  3. The door will close and lock shut
  4. Unplug cable from car and stow

* Please note: You should always connect your charge cable to your car before connecting to a Charging Point or as directed by your vehicle's owner’s manual.

Important Safety Information 

  • Your charging cable should never be used if it is damaged or has been tampered with. Please check that it is in good condition before plugging it into a Charge Point
  • Plug your charging cable into your car before plugging into a Charge Point.
  • Do not unplug your charge cable from your car before removing the plug from the Charge Point
  • Do not force the Charge Point door open at any time
  • If the door is tampered with during charging or the cable is cut, the power will stop immediately
  • Anyone who may have difficulty operating a Charge Point should be assisted while commencing and terminating charging

If there are any issues with the Charge Point, contact Chargemaster on Tel: 0330 016 5126

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